About Me

I am - state of being verb.  Anything that I write after this statement defines me.  I believe that is why the Lord said He is "I Am"  because He is everything.  

I am His and He is mine.  

I am a wife.

I am a (homeschooling) mother.

I am not much, but all that I am is because of the Great I Am.

I am a Baptist.

I am an active member in my church.

I'm sure my about me page is unusual.  I graducated from high school and while there took a sewing class (which I finished only one project).  I don't have a degree or job experiance (unless you count a library on post in German and KFC :).  So you see all I have to list is what makes me, me.  And I like the me I turned out to be :)


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