April 10, 2014

What's next in weaving?

Something nice and EASY.  I just finished this runner...
... and it was a nightmare!  It started out wider and a mess.  After trying to salvage it, I had to give up and start over.  Reslaying the reed.  But Yay!! It's finished!  

I am going to do a tabby weave next.  It will be soooo much easier. Then I will try a houndstooth!

I actually did a little extra to make a small wallet/clutch.  I am debating about putting it in the shop.  Hmmm.

February 17, 2014

Hand Lettering and Embroidery

I've recently (that is today :) been studying hand lettering and began to think of embroidery and this post from Mary Corbet (whose work is incredible).

Here is a little sample of when I was messing around with the "Fruit of the Spirit" after viewing her work,

I'm not sure why I never did the embroidery, but I always have a ton of projects.  In fact I was joking with a friend at church about having so many outfits that she has started to sew and I haven't seen one of them.  Her daughter perked up and asked me how many unfinished projects I have.  Well.....

I find it all inspiring.  Below is a little sketch that I want to paint on the window in my sewing room.  I'll play with it some more before I do it.  I don't want it to be too big or obtrusive, but to catch the eye and remind me to ...


(This isn't for a cliche' or to make light the things of God, 
but I do these things because they mean something to me. 
 My relationship with the Lord is real and ever present.)

January 15, 2014

Wooly Sweater

I ment to post this one a while back.  It is a baby sweater that Grace knit for a little girl at church.  Her one mistake was the line going across the front.  At first I thought it was part of the design, but was told it wasn't, lol.  She has since made one (without the "mistake" :) and put it in the shop.

Fingerless Gloves

I have wanted these gloves for a year now.  I thought they'd be great for when I'm embroidering, weaving or had stitching seams closed.  My hands can get pretty cold and all though my finger tips would still be exposed it is more coverage than if I didn't wear any.

And for Christmas Taylor surprised me with them!  I really had no idea, didn't expect it in the least!  And I love them! The gloves and my children :).  They are the greatest bunch a mom could have. The gloves do in fact help my hands and fingers from being as cold.  I'm trying to talk Taylor into gloves that do have finger holes, but not tips for when she's playing the piano.  She said she'd feel like a hobo or something, lol.  Although she did agree to give some with no fingers holes a try.

January 14, 2014

A finished project...and unfinished :)

I almost (this is me wayyyyy to often) had this done at Christmas. Originally I used a zipper that was to small and a pillow that was to small. After another  trip to Jo Ann's it was finished.

In the picture to your right, you will notice a QR barcode by stkr.it .  My local quilt shop, Find X Designs, sells these things for $3.25.  You just download the app, scan the sticker, apply any digital media you want to that code, iron it on your project and your done!  

When my hubby scanned the code he saw a picture I took in DC of the Mall and a message thanking him for taking us.  I wanted to do a video of the kids playing there instruments and/or singing, but get them to get it all together in time, well... 

Below is a picture of a scarf and wallet that I wove.  I embroidered a flower design that matches the lining I am using for the wallet.  The picture below is my second attempt.  And now I am on my third *sigh* .  The first two colors just didn't stand out enough against the background.  It just looked like a blob of brown thread. 

So, I am trying a yellow this time.  My husband suggested it.  When he did, I thought yellow?  But he is something awesome with color coordination.  Most women dress there husbands, my husband dresses me :/  :).  Okay, I really need faces for this thing, hehe.  

December 02, 2013

Dress Skirt

Here is the skirt I mentioned in my last post...

Excuse the wrinkles.  I didn't remember pictures until that evening.

I absolutely love this fabric.  Unfortunately JoAnn's no longer has this one :( .  I wanted to make a vest to go with it and a white poplin shirt.  The pattern which I love is New Look 0136 .  I did have to lengthen this and I didn't find the sizes very accurate to the measurements.  I normally fit pattern size 22 ,  but the one made is size 16. However, this is easy, and fun, to make.

Oh, and the zipper is in the back (I've made several with side zippers).  The zipper was interesting.  I didn't quite follow directions and did my own thing.  I used an invisible zipper, but I sewed the zipper at the 1/2" mark on one side and 5/8" on the other.  Sewing it only to the seam allowance like you would a normal invisible zipper.  I didn't sew around the outside.  I just wanted to see what would happen, ;).  It turned out well although I'm not sure that I like it any different than the usual way I do invisible zippers.  Wow, so is there a synonym for zipper!

November 27, 2013

Needle and Thread

     Getting things in the shop has been slow.  Life gets in the way :), however we have a few more things in the shop and I'm almost done with a new scarf with matching clutch to go with it.

     I really need to post more of the things I've been working on for friends and family.  My husband laughs at me often for having so many projects going.  Here's a few of those 1/2 baked projects of mine:

This is a lamp shade for my son's room.  The top is partially done barb wire.  Check back later, you might actually see it finished ;) .

This will be a primitive looking bunny when it's done.  My husband saw it in a magazine and thought it looked Frankensteinish.  Here is a more progressed photo:

The words are; "I got ishooos!"  
I worked hard at the stitches not being to symmetrical, but as you see it doesn't quite look crazy enough, but hubby is happy so, hey.

I just realized I have 2 projects I finished but no pictures of the final project.  I'll post those next week.  I'll be wearing the skirt Sunday and can get pictures then.

And on that note I'll say...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Give God the glory for his provisions, remembering the Ebenezer's (those times that he has helped you) in your life!