July 27, 2007


I am working on a purse for Bag Month over contest @ Sew Mama Sew. I wasn't too sure about the fabrics I picked out for my purse but it is starting to look really cute! I love the Doris Morgan "A Little Bit of Heaven" print. I have been hard pressed to find any more of this fabric. I picked it out a few years ago to make Casserole Carriers.

Sew Mama is also doing Free Fabric Friday. Her theme being "organizing" I thought I'd participate. I'm always "organizing" my supplies to make room for new stuff. So... here is my tip...

Ziplock Bags!

Not a new idea, but a great one.

I also use Crates. I love them!

Out of seven pics. this was the best one. The funny thing is that it's the only one with an insect in it!

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Holli said...

Great idea about the ziploc bags! I have never thought about using ziploc bags. Thanks Elaine. Also, let Taylor know one of these days I would like to buy some doll dresses from her.
Love ya, Holli