March 27, 2009

Embroidered Dresses

Grace & Eva

Here are the dresses I made for the girls. I did a stem stitch on Grace's and a split stitch on Eva's. You can see in the picture that I put the bow's in different positions. The hem reaches their ankles.

I used a jumper pattern from Common Sense Patterns, however I changed the bottom. I didn't like how short it was so I take two 45" wide by 36" or 37" length pieces of fabric and sew them together. Then I gather them and fit it to the top of the jumper.


HOPE said...

VERY nice! Love the round design with the initials. How many get to have personalized jumpers!

Cute girls too!


Sharon said...

They are beautiful girls in their lovely new dresses!!! You are very talented. :)

disa said...
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