August 29, 2009

Ostrich Costume

Taylor as Omelet Ostrich

I sewed feathers onto an old t-shirt of little Greg's.

I got the feathers from Hobby Lobby and used my Walking Foot
to keep the feathers from shifting to much or the t-shirt from stretching.

For the neck and sleeves I used white feather boas (also from Hobby Lobby).
I sewed the top neck boa, but the others I used liquid stitch.
It really worked well. I was running out of time and it came in handy.
I also used the liquid stitch for the fill in feathers on the arm. The boa itself was
not quite enough and gluing the feathers in between worked out well.

Now, what do I do with an Ostrich costume?!


Anonymous said...

I thought maybe you made it for the summer patch show. Have they done it? How did it go? I like the costumn....cute. What is the bill?


Elaine said...

Hi Laura,

We did the play Friday. It went really well. They all had a good time with it.

The bill is card stock paper with doll glasses taped to it. Taylor and Big Greg worked on it together.

Luisa Mercado said...

Elaine, beautiful creations!

Continue doing it for God's glory.