June 25, 2011

Some Past Projects

I finally uploaded pics from my phone.  Phone pics are not the best but here they are:

This is a patchfolio I made for Grace.  I went to Sew and Sew's Place (really!) and saw a little girls rain coat made from these fabrics.  I'd really like to do rain coats for the girls one day.  Until then I thought these would work great for a patchfolio.  Pattern by CraftApple.

I made this folio for a friend.

 This is Grace's "Old Fashioned Day" dress. 

 Here is the bag I mentioned in my last post. 


HOPE said...


love the bag with the rose..how pretty!!!

Keep up the great work and photos!


HOPE said...

Is there a special pattern for the bag...and roses/

My girls would love thes.

I use to make some years ago with those handles out of oval placemats!


Elaine said...

Sew Pretty Home by Tilda is the book I got the pattern from. The larger handles were hard to find, thus the smaller ones.