February 17, 2014

Hand Lettering and Embroidery

I've recently (that is today :) been studying hand lettering and began to think of embroidery and this post from Mary Corbet (whose work is incredible).

Here is a little sample of when I was messing around with the "Fruit of the Spirit" after viewing her work,

I'm not sure why I never did the embroidery, but I always have a ton of projects.  In fact I was joking with a friend at church about having so many outfits that she has started to sew and I haven't seen one of them.  Her daughter perked up and asked me how many unfinished projects I have.  Well.....

I find it all inspiring.  Below is a little sketch that I want to paint on the window in my sewing room.  I'll play with it some more before I do it.  I don't want it to be too big or obtrusive, but to catch the eye and remind me to ...


(This isn't for a cliche' or to make light the things of God, 
but I do these things because they mean something to me. 
 My relationship with the Lord is real and ever present.)

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