July 14, 2014

Quilting and a Pillow for Technology

You'll have to thank my oldest daughter for this post.  I was working on my quilt and she said that I needed to take pictures and blog it, as well as an iPad pillow I made.

First the quilt...

This is for my room.  I fell in love with this fabric online and was so glad they had it at the quilt shop in town.  It's Moda's 3 Sisters Etchings collection.  The pattern I'm using is Eleanor Burns's make a Quilt in a Day log cabin pattern.

It's really simple once you get started.  At first I was a little confused because I'm not use to following quilt instructions and had to make sure I was putting things in the right order.

Here is the layout for adding the 2nd Dark Fabric.  She just adds the already sewn pieces to the strip as she goes.  I am a pinner so...  

Next step is easy, just sew 1/4 in. seam down the strip.

Last I use my ruler to cut the blocks apart.  

I'm really enjoying this quilt.  I could be a line worker somewhere.  It suits me :). 

Okay Ang, how are my colors?  If you like them I picked them out, if not Greg did!

Pillow for the technilogicly advanced... and not so advanced :D.  

My mother-in-law will be having knee surgery soon and I wanted to give her something for her time of recuperation.  She is not technilogically savy, but my brother-in-law gave her an iPad several months back, so I thought she might play games on it or do some reading the modern way.  I came across this great pattern on Pinterest and loved it.  It was increadably easy to make.  Below are the pics of the one I did.

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