June 18, 2008

Early Birthday Present

A few days ago I was presented with an early (3 months early) birthday present from Greg and a friend (who will remain annonymous). Excuse the photo. I am still working with my Bamboo Writer and Photoshop.
It's called the "Chuckwagon". I just love it and have been admiring it for sometime now dubbing it the perfect sewing station. We squeezed it into our room for now (thus the junk in the photo).
God has been so good to me. I truly don't deserve my husband and friends who are all to good to me in so many ways. Not just in material possessions but in being honest and faithful.

1 comment:

Holli said...

I really like the "Chuckwagon". It is really nice. Now you have a place to put your machine and sewing things. Instaed of on the table. HA HA!! Lots of love. ~Holli