November 27, 2013

Needle and Thread

     Getting things in the shop has been slow.  Life gets in the way :), however we have a few more things in the shop and I'm almost done with a new scarf with matching clutch to go with it.

     I really need to post more of the things I've been working on for friends and family.  My husband laughs at me often for having so many projects going.  Here's a few of those 1/2 baked projects of mine:

This is a lamp shade for my son's room.  The top is partially done barb wire.  Check back later, you might actually see it finished ;) .

This will be a primitive looking bunny when it's done.  My husband saw it in a magazine and thought it looked Frankensteinish.  Here is a more progressed photo:

The words are; "I got ishooos!"  
I worked hard at the stitches not being to symmetrical, but as you see it doesn't quite look crazy enough, but hubby is happy so, hey.

I just realized I have 2 projects I finished but no pictures of the final project.  I'll post those next week.  I'll be wearing the skirt Sunday and can get pictures then.

And on that note I'll say...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Give God the glory for his provisions, remembering the Ebenezer's (those times that he has helped you) in your life!  

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