December 02, 2013

Dress Skirt

Here is the skirt I mentioned in my last post...

Excuse the wrinkles.  I didn't remember pictures until that evening.

I absolutely love this fabric.  Unfortunately JoAnn's no longer has this one :( .  I wanted to make a vest to go with it and a white poplin shirt.  The pattern which I love is New Look 0136 .  I did have to lengthen this and I didn't find the sizes very accurate to the measurements.  I normally fit pattern size 22 ,  but the one made is size 16. However, this is easy, and fun, to make.

Oh, and the zipper is in the back (I've made several with side zippers).  The zipper was interesting.  I didn't quite follow directions and did my own thing.  I used an invisible zipper, but I sewed the zipper at the 1/2" mark on one side and 5/8" on the other.  Sewing it only to the seam allowance like you would a normal invisible zipper.  I didn't sew around the outside.  I just wanted to see what would happen, ;).  It turned out well although I'm not sure that I like it any different than the usual way I do invisible zippers.  Wow, so is there a synonym for zipper!

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