January 15, 2014

Fingerless Gloves

I have wanted these gloves for a year now.  I thought they'd be great for when I'm embroidering, weaving or had stitching seams closed.  My hands can get pretty cold and all though my finger tips would still be exposed it is more coverage than if I didn't wear any.

And for Christmas Taylor surprised me with them!  I really had no idea, didn't expect it in the least!  And I love them! The gloves and my children :).  They are the greatest bunch a mom could have. The gloves do in fact help my hands and fingers from being as cold.  I'm trying to talk Taylor into gloves that do have finger holes, but not tips for when she's playing the piano.  She said she'd feel like a hobo or something, lol.  Although she did agree to give some with no fingers holes a try.

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