January 14, 2014

A finished project...and unfinished :)

I almost (this is me wayyyyy to often) had this done at Christmas. Originally I used a zipper that was to small and a pillow that was to small. After another  trip to Jo Ann's it was finished.

In the picture to your right, you will notice a QR barcode by stkr.it .  My local quilt shop, Find X Designs, sells these things for $3.25.  You just download the app, scan the sticker, apply any digital media you want to that code, iron it on your project and your done!  

When my hubby scanned the code he saw a picture I took in DC of the Mall and a message thanking him for taking us.  I wanted to do a video of the kids playing there instruments and/or singing, but get them to get it all together in time, well... 

Below is a picture of a scarf and wallet that I wove.  I embroidered a flower design that matches the lining I am using for the wallet.  The picture below is my second attempt.  And now I am on my third *sigh* .  The first two colors just didn't stand out enough against the background.  It just looked like a blob of brown thread. 

So, I am trying a yellow this time.  My husband suggested it.  When he did, I thought yellow?  But he is something awesome with color coordination.  Most women dress there husbands, my husband dresses me :/  :).  Okay, I really need faces for this thing, hehe.  

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